Complex management


The apartment complexes of residential or holiday type require serious maintenance of the common parts and areas in order to guarantee the cleanliness, tidy and pleasant appearance of the entire complex. This is achieved through the overall management and administration of the common parts of complexes, realised in compliance with the provisions of the Condominium Ownership Management Act, and is entirely aimed at the specific and particular needs of each building or facility.

To us, the quality and high standard of cleanliness are of key importance. We offer full service and first-class maintenance of the common parts, providing professional care and timely response in the event of the emergence of some issue.

The package of services for management of the entire complex includes the following:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the common parts of the building

  • Landscaping and maintenance of the green areas

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the pools

  • Year-round 24-hour security of the complex

  • Video surveillance provided for the site

  • Reception desk

  • Technical maintenance of the adjacent installations, facilities and equipment in the complex

  • Administrative service

  • Repair works

  • Others (depending on the individual needs of the property)

The provision of the aforementioned services requires the payment of a certain annual fee.


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